Welcome to the Potter’s House History

1954: MitchellsGroup Outside First Door ConcertEarly Prescott Building1979: Tom Payne Baptised1981: Campbell family1982: Mitchells in Australia1992: Freezing Russian Baptism1996: Delegates in Kenyan ConferencePrescott Conference TentPs Mitchell - Friday Night Conference Announcements

The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship is part of the World Christian Fellowship Ministries which was founded in 1970 by Pastor Wayman Mitchell, Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House Church of Prescott, Arizona, USA. Today, the Fellowship now includes more than 1,700 congregations around the world.

We invite you to discover the exciting work that God has done in and through this great fellowship. Learn about the beginnings of this great move of God and some of the incredible things that have happened since the Potters House Christian Fellowship first began.

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